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Drug and Device Law: Another Reason for Amending Rule 26
Oct. 29,2013

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US Chamber Legal Reform Summit
Oct. 24,2013
ExxonMobil counsel sounds 'call to action' on proposed changes to federal discovery rules
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Florida Legislative Alert! Special Message from LCJ President Marc Williams
Sep. 13,2013

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LCJ Addresses Key FRCP Reforms in Comprehensive Comment to CRAC
Sep. 12,2013

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Congressional Leaders, Judges and State AGs Tackle Legal Reform Issues at LCJ Meeting
May. 19,2013
LCJ’s May 6-7 Membership Meeting in Washington, DC featured an exciting program and an outstanding array of distinguished, special guest speakers including judges, attorneys general and members of congress.
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LCJ and Defense Orgs. Advocate Reasonable Discovery Reforms
Apr. 02,2013
LCJ and Defense Organizations Advocate Reforms to Minimize Costs and Burdens of Discovery
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LCJ and Defense Bar Orgs. Promote Meaningful Rules Reforms at the Federal Level
Jan. 08,2013
In recent months, Lawyers for Civil Justice has submitted several formal comments to the U.S. Judicial Conference detailing the ways in which America’s civil justice system should be reformed.
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MCC Features LCJ Panel Discussion on the Future of Class Action Reform
Jan. 07,2013
Panelists from LCJ’s 25th Anniversary Meeting in New York City were featured in the Metropolitan Corporate Counsel, a leading publication in the corporate counsel community.
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As LCJ Forms Class Action Subcommittee, Congress Takes Closer Look at CAFA
Jun. 14,2012
Congress held a hearing to take a closer look at CAFA and its effect on the civil justice system
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LCJ and Defense Organizations Promote Bold Rule Reforms in a Comment on Duke Subcommittee's Proposed Amendments
Jun. 05,2012
LCJ and the defense bar organizations - DRI-The Voice of the Defense Bar, the Federation of Defense & Corporate Counsel, and the International Association of Defense counsel submitted a formal comment on June 5th to both the Advisory Committee on Civil Rules and Standing Committee on Civil Rules.
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FL Supreme Court Hears Oral Argument on FDLA/LCJ Proposed E-Discovery Amendments
Mar. 07,2012
The Supreme Court of Florida heard an oral argument today regarding e-discovery rule amendments that were proposed on October 13th 2011 by the Florida Defense Lawyers Association (FDLA) and Lawyers for Civil Justice (LCJ).
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LCJ Advances its Initiative to Clarify Rule 45
Feb. 07,2012
LCJ submitted a formal comment on Thursday in support of the Civil Rules Advisory Committee’s proposed amendments to Federal Rule 45.
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Congress Holds Landmark Hearing to Consider Costs and Burdens of Discovery
Dec. 19,2011
A group of LCJ members and allies supporting procedural rule reform gathered on Capitol Hill last Tuesday for a hearing conducted by the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution to examine the need for meaningful amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.
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FL Supreme Court to Hear Oral Argument on FDLA/LCJ Proposed E-Disc Amendments
Dec. 08,2011
The Supreme Court of Florida has scheduled an oral argument regarding proposed civil procedure rules amendments on e-discovery for Wednesday, March 7, 2012 at 9:00 am. Thirty minutes has been allocated for the argument.
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Defense Organizations Join LCJ to Promote E-Discovery Rulemaking Solutions
Nov. 02,2011
On October 31st, Lawyers for Civil Justice (LCJ) took action to end the era of endless preservation by submitting the official comment, The Time is Now: The Urgent Need for Discovery Reform, to the Advisory Committee on Civil Rules, which is responsible for providing recommendations on rule reform to the Federal Judicial Conference.
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FDLA, LCJ and Coalition of Corporate Counsel Advocate Improvements to Florida's Flawed E-discovery Rules
Oct. 14,2011
The Florida Defense Lawyers Association (FDLA) and Lawyers for Civil Justice (LCJ) submitted an official comment yesterday - October 13, 2011 – with proposed amendments to Rules 1.280 and 1.380 of the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure that would affect necessary changes in the way discovery of information is conducted.
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LCJ Submits Formal Comment to Support Beneficial Revision of E-Discovery Rules
Sep. 01,2011
LCJ took action last week to improve the e-discovery rules to which corporate defendants are held accountable. In an official comment to the Advisory Committee on Civil Rules, LCJ argued that problems with discovery and electronic discovery have become so pervasive in recent years that rule makers must immediately consider meaningful amendments that would substantially improve the federal rules of civil procedure.
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LCJ To Lead E-Discovery Panel at 2011 Legal Technology Leadership Summit
Jul. 18,2011
Lawyers for Civil Justice (LCJ) will lead a panel on corporate preservation of electronically stored information at the 2011 Legal Technology Leadership Summit on September 6-8.
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LCJ Takes Action On E-Discovery, Supports Clear, Reasonable Standards
Apr. 08,2011
LCJ took significant action last week to clarify and improve the e-discovery standards to which corporate defendants are held accountable.
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LCJ Supports the Appeal of New York State Supreme Court Decision
Apr. 01,2011
New ruling on preservation sets unclear, unreasonable standards
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LCJ Advocates Beneficial Revision of Rule 45
Mar. 31,2011
As part of its ongoing initiative to improve the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, LCJ has advocated revision of Rule 45, which concerns subpoenas
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LCJ Opposes Expansion of ALF
Mar. 13,2011
An expansion of alternative litigation financing, or ALF, would undermine the integrity of the U.S. judicial system by turning courts into investment markets, according to the national organization Lawyers for Civil Justice (LCJ).
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Defense Bar Calls for Major Changes to FRCP, MCC Reports
Oct. 25,2010
Submission of "WHITE PAPER" Represents Major Initiative by Organized Defense Bar to Support Procedural Rule Reform
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LCJ Provides Impetus for FRCP Amendments with White Paper
Oct. 25,2010
LCJ provided new impetus for a fundamental review of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure by submitting the FRCP White Paper on Reshaping the Rules of Civil Procedure for the 21st Century to the 2010 Duke Law School Litigation Review Conference.
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