Online Resources

Lawyers for Civil Justice works closely with the following organizations:


                                                                                             Administrative Office of the US Courts

                                                                                             American Association of Managing General Agents

                                                                                             American Enterprise Institute Liability Project

                                                                                             American Legislative Exchange Council

                                                                                             American Tort Reform Association

                                                                                             Center for Individual Freedom

                                                                                             Center for Legal Policy, The Manhattan Institute

                                                                                             Civil Justice Association of California

                                                                                             Class Action Watch (The Federalist Society)

                                                                                             Competitive Enterprise Institute

                                                                                             Council for Citizens Against Government Waste

                                                                                             Doctors for Medical Liability Reform

                                                                                             DRI - The Voice of the Defense Bar

                                                                                             Federalist Society

                                                                                             Federation of Defense & Corporate Counsel

                                                                                             Heritage Foundation

                                                                                             Hudson Institute

                                                                                             International Association of Defense Counsel

                                                                                             Manufacturers Alliance / MAPI

                                                                                             Metropolitan Corporate Counsel Magazine

                                                                                             National Litigation Conference at Duke University, May 2010

                                                                                             New Jersey Lawsuit Reform Alliance


                                                                                             Pacific Reserach Institute

                                                                                             Point of Law, The Manhattan Institute

                                                                                             United States Chamber of Commerce - Institute for Legal Reform

                                                                                             Washington Legal Foundation

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